You can apply syntax highlighting to your code. This theme uses pygments and applies color coding based on the lexer you specify.

About syntax highlighting

For syntax highlighting, use fenced code blocks optionally followed by the language syntax you want:

    def foo
      puts 'foo'

This looks as follows:

    def foo
      puts 'foo'

Fenced code blocks require a blank line before and after.

If you’re using an HTML file, you can also use the highlight command with Liquid markup:

{% highlight ruby %}
    def foo
      puts 'foo'
{% endhighlight %}

It renders the same:

    def foo
      puts 'foo'

The theme has syntax highlighting specified in the configuration file as follows:

highlighter: rouge

The syntax highlighting is done via the css/syntax.css file.

Available lexers

The keywords you must add to specify the highlighting (in the previous example, ruby) are called “lexers.” You can search for “lexers.” Here are some common ones I use:

  • js
  • html
  • yaml
  • css
  • json
  • php
  • java
  • cpp
  • dotnet
  • xml
  • http
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